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Propertyad Search Page - Property, news, search engines, maps, house plans, worldwide, free, including, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, 2
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Agency Manager
Agent Management Software based in UK. Annual fee or outright purchase of software. Cached - Similar pages

RealtyStar Inc
AgentOffice, RE/MAX Agent 2000, On-Line Agent, FNIS, Executive Agent, web design, agent productivity, marketing, prospecting, presentation and contact management software. Cached - Similar pages

Geonomics, Inc.
A GIS company providing iSITE, a powerful, easy-to-use, mapping and demographic software product used for site analysis by real estate developers and retailers. Cached - Similar pages

Lone Wolf Realty Management System
Integrated accounting, conveyancing and back office management software. Windows version. Cached - Similar pages

Wandering Star
Contact management and real estate investment software. Cached - Similar pages

TitleSCAN Systems
Title plant and document imaging software for title and abstract companies. Cached - Similar pages

Realty Information Group, Inc.
Information services to the commercial real estate industry. Client firms use RIG's multimedia software and database, CoStar to track buildings across the country. Cached - Similar pages

RBJ Computer Systems, Inc.
RBJ Computer Systems produces Document Processing, Title Production and Trust Accounting software for the Escrow and Title Industries. Cached - Similar pages

Metrostat Technologies, Inc.
Real Estate Search Engine software, MLS software (PLPLUS), web portal software. Based on XML technologies supporting RETML and RELML specs. Cached - Similar pages

10 ViewPoint, Estate Agents Software
ViewPoint is a complete eBusiness software solution for Estate Agents. Store Property Details, Applicants, Contacts, Auto-Matching, and Diary. Simple to use, no IT staff required. Cached - Similar pages

11 Mark-It Systems
Develops and markets Mark-It Advantage for Windows, a custom software package designed for real estate professionals. Cached - Similar pages

12 SoftPro
Provider of real estate closing and title insurance software. Includes online support and free demo version. Cached - Similar pages

13 Ocampa
Authorized dealer of Top Producer real-estate management system based in Auburn, CA, USA. Cached - Similar pages

14 OSL
Real estate software provider located in New Zealand. Agent and office management options. Cached - Similar pages

15 Business Edge Real Estate Software
Designing, selling and supporting Windows and Macintosh software products for the real estate and mortgage industries. Categories of products include rental property management software, mortgage orgination and processing software, property financial analysis software, and contact management software. Cached - Similar pages

16 Real Edge
Create custom CMAs, buyer home tours, flyers and run MarketShare/Recruiting for management. Cached - Similar pages

17 Wright Computer Group
Provider of software training and sales for the real estate industry in the Rocky Mountain region. Cached - Similar pages

18 Shaw Systems Associates, Inc.
Consulting, development, installation and support of financial computer software products specializing in credit servicing, loan servicing and corporate trust. Cached - Similar pages

19 Home Inspection Software
Home inspection software designed for use with a handheld computer(HP Jornada)allowing immediate, on-site printing of the home inspection report. Cached - Similar pages

20 SMS
A variety of Title and Escrow Software Solutions. Cached - Similar pages

21 Financia Computer Software
Software for commercial real estate developers and investors. Windows 95, 98, NT and Windows 2000 ready. Cached - Similar pages

22 Realware Inc.
The source for accounting software, including Timberline, for the real estate development, property management and construction idustries. Cached - Similar pages

23 Investment Analyst
Software that enables the real estate appraiser to easily complete the income approach using either the lease by lease method or a capitalization rate. Cached - Similar pages

24 Loan Masters
Commercial real estate analysis software that verifies a loan or investment's overall viability. Cached - Similar pages

25 Companion Software
Specialized software company developing unique commission and accounting products exclusively for the commercial real estate brokerage industry. Cached - Similar pages

26 Show-It! for Real Estate
For Real Estate agents who want to track customers, track appointments, and track time and information on all property listings and showings...!.htm Cached - Similar pages

27 Lupine Partners
Specializing in marketing and implementing information system solutions to real estate communities using MRI. Cached - Similar pages

Commercial and residential income property analysis software for the real estate investor and the real estate professional. Create professional presentations to assist in the purchase and sale of income producing properties. Cached - Similar pages

29 VirtualPremise
Internet-based software application that allows corporations and their service providers the ability to view and manage real estate-related information through a single interface. Cached - Similar pages

30 Utopia Mortgage Software
Mortgage Software For Loan Originators and Mortgage Brokers Cached - Similar pages

31 Database Solutions
Database Solutions produces Commercial Professional - the software used by commercial real estate professionals. Cached - Similar pages

32 Electro-List
Real estate listing database application packages available online. Its features include a customizable ""look and feel"" and inclusion of individual realtors' listings on's central real estate site. Cached - Similar pages

33 Envision Presentations
Offers a full set of presentation tools for Realtors. Cached - Similar pages

34 Floor Schedule and Finance Software.
Floor Schedule and Financing software for real estate agents. Free trial versions may be downloaded. Cached - Similar pages

35 LseMod
Commercial real estate lease transaction analysis software for managers and brokers needing in-depth financial analysis, internationally & domestically. Written by a Fortune 500 real estate manager so you can make informed decisions. Cached - Similar pages

36 AppraisalTrac - Dattar Systems, Inc.
Offers back-office processing, management and workflow technologies for collateral services related to mortgage lending. No hardware or software acquisition required for implementation. Cached - Similar pages

37 Top Producer Systems
Contact Management Real Estate Software Cached - Similar pages

38 Property Pro
Estate agency software created by Comprehensive Solutions. Cached - Similar pages

39 Planease
Developed for the commercial investment real estate professional, enables financial analysis of income producing properties and cost comparison analysis. Cached - Similar pages

40 National Facilities Group, Inc.
Real e Cached - Similar pages

41 Instant Impact Gold
Real estate farming and contact management software for the real estate professional. Cached - Similar pages

42 Producer's Edge
Software for real estate agents and mortgage loan officers. Cached - Similar pages

43 Realty Tools, Inc.
Software for residential real estate agents and offices. Presentation with CMA and property flyers. Customized versions for all major franchises. Property download from the MLS. Market share by broker and by agent. Cached - Similar pages

44 Howard and Friends
A real estate contact manager with Computer CMA Plus, and Tech Coaching. Cached - Similar pages

45 Real Map Software
Geographic Information Associated with Platt Maps Cached - Similar pages

46 iEstate Software
the key features of the system are Sales Force Management, Complete Client Enquiry Follow-up, CRM, Customer Relationship Management, Client Database Management, Personal Organiser and Integrated Communication System Cached - Similar pages

47 ReLocation Specialist Guides on CD
eReloguide is an interactive CD-ROM marketing tool for real estate agents and brokers. Combines comprehensive home-buying, selling and moving information with multimedia e-brochure with agent's selling proposition. Cached - Similar pages

48 Tarasoft Titan 2002
Tarasoft Titan 2002 integrates an intelligent application with the power of the Internet so you can get your job done faster and more effectively than ever before. MLS connectivity for downloads where compatible. Cached - Similar pages

49 Computer Consulting Net
ACT, Microsoft Word, Winfax Pro, Eudora software provider. Cached - Similar pages

50 RECAPP: Real Estate Capital Asset Priority Planning Software
Software to enhance "proactive " planning measures, thereby decreasing "crisis management " events. Cached - Similar pages

51 Property Software International
Real estate office management systems including front office, back office and integrated accounting systems. Cached - Similar pages

Provides complete real estate software solutions commercialized in A.S.P. mode. Management of Commercial proposals and client relations management. CRM, commerce, and back office applications. Includes links to vendors. Cached - Similar pages

53 Link Systems
Provides software systems on solutions to the real estate and property management industry, focusing on leasing, facility management, space planning. Cached - Similar pages

54 TitleSoft, Inc.
Real estate and imaging software Cached - Similar pages

55 Vikara
A software company focusing on CRM, SFA and mass mailing software for Lotus Notes/Domino and web browsers. Cached - Similar pages

56 Investit Software Inc
Investment analysis software. Includes a mortgage calculator as well as rental and long-term finance analyzers. Cached - Similar pages

57 Giant Systems
Software for Title/Abstracting. Includes order entry, accounting, and attached document storage. Connects with Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect, or Lotus WordPro. Internet support for order entry and tracking. Cached - Similar pages

58 InmoEasy
Online software for creating real estate portals. Includes maps, 360º panoramas and search functionality. Cached - Similar pages

59 Cyber Agent
Software, computer programs, listing tools, web sites for estate agents in South Africa. Cached - Similar pages

60 Data Based Ads
An internet based advertising and data management service for multi-office real estate brokers. Cached - Similar pages

61 Custom MLS
The Greater Utica-Rome Board of Realtors and Capraro Technologies, Inc. MLS system design Cached - Similar pages

62 Telluride Software
Classic Trak-It, Escrow Assistant, Disclosure Documents Cached - Similar pages

63 Real Estate Marketing Software
Proforce marketing software reseller. Carry full Proforce line of Adobe marketing materials. Cached - Similar pages

64 General Entrophy Floor Scheduling Software
Floor for Windows, a package that automates floor schedule creation for real estate offices. Users can download a 45-day trial version. Floor-duty scheduler. Cached - Similar pages

65 Independent Software Solutions
Suppliers of Estate Agent Pro for the real estate market Cached - Similar pages

66 Systems Engineering, Inc. - IDX Vendor
MLS (Multiple Listing Service) solutions for REALTORS. REALTOR solutions for Associations across the United States. Located in Greensboro, North Carolina. Cached - Similar pages

67 Hillside Software - Virtual Office
Desktop to web based MLS access solutions as well as a new line of public IDX based solutions. Cached - Similar pages

68 CottonSoft, Inc.
Floor Time Scheduling System (FTSS) software automates the assignment of agents to shifts. Read about the software's features and order online. Cached - Similar pages

69 RealData Software
Financial analysis software for income-producing commercial and residential properties. Perform up to a 20 year after-tax analysis. Software demos and free downloadable calculator available. Cached - Similar pages

Real Estate Agent Productivity and Client Management software web-based application. Run you AgentOffice, AgentOffice for RE/MAX, Executive Agent, Broker BackOffice Pro and REA8 Commercial software online. Cached - Similar pages

71 Top Producer Products
Top Producer software products from an authorized dealer. Full warranty and technical support. Full line of real estate specific contact manager and marketing aids. Cached - Similar pages

72 Edge Software
Offers sales management and contact management real estate software. Cached - Similar pages

73 AptHand
Home Buying for Digerati provides real estate advice, a glossary, mortgage calculator and home database to track house listings. RE Pro version for lead generation. Cached - Similar pages

74 Top Producer Real Estate Software
RealSharp Systems, Authorized Agent. Top Producer 6i & 7i real estate contact manager software from RealSharp Systems at discount prices. Secure online ordering 24/7. Cached - Similar pages

75 Marshall & Swift
Residential estimating software. Provider of building cost valuation data and estimating tools for the appraisal, insurance, construction and home inspection industries. Cached - Similar pages

76 Systems Engineering, Inc
MLS (Multiple Listing Service) solutions for REALTORS. REALTOR solutions for Associations across the United States. Located in Greensboro, North Carolina. Cached - Similar pages

77 CottonSoft, Inc.
Floor Time Scheduling System (FTSS) software automates the assignment of agents to shifts. Read about the software's features and order online. Cached - Similar pages

78 Realigent, Inc.
Offers products, applications, services and custom solutions for brokers, agents, multiple listing services, builders, lenders, consumers and all constituents involved in a real estate transaction. (Nasdaq: HMSK). Cached - Similar pages

79 Catylist Real Estate Software
Provides Commercial Information Exchange (CIE) solutions for real estate organizations and brokerage firms. Cached - Similar pages

80 InmoEasy
Online software for creating real estate portals. Includes maps, 360º panoramas and search functionality. Cached - Similar pages

81 Realware Inc.
Source for accounting software, including Timberline, for the real estate development, property management and construction industries. Cached - Similar pages

82 Alocet
Provides management software to the property service industry. Cached - Similar pages

83 Comput-a-Search
Developer of residential and commercial real estate software systems. With product info and updates, as well as news and contact details. Cached - Similar pages

84 Condo Manager Software
Online home to the Canadian base developer of condominium management software systems in Quebec Features product and pricing info and a downloadable demo. Cached - Similar pages

85 CSA, Inc.
Offers Canadian appraisal forms (including the CERC) and CRAL software. Cached - Similar pages

86 Flex Software
Toronto-based providers of property management software. With free downloads, upgrade info, contact details, and online support. Cached - Similar pages

87 Geac Computer
Develops enterprise applications for vertical niche markets, including publishing and banking. Get financial and acquisitions information. Cached - Similar pages

88 GUI Software Systems Corp.
Offers computer services to keep companies moving on the Information Superhighway. Read about services and the company's specific expertise. Cached - Similar pages

89 IDEAS Property Clerk
Software for Managing Residential Properties". The product name has changed from Property Clerk 2000 to IDEAS Property Clerk. Cached - Similar pages

90 Infoguides
Downloadable electronic book and Buy-to-Let Calculator software, packed with facts, charts, examples. Cached - Similar pages

91 Investit Software
Investit have developed a modular finance software solution for residential and commercial realtors. Get product info and view sample reports. Cached - Similar pages

92 Moneymaker
Provides customizable Web site packages for real estate agents, with separate areas for visitors and administrators. Includes client and listings databases. Cached - Similar pages

93 Northwind Inc.
Provides property management, sales, and catering systems to hotels, motels, resorts, etc. Cached - Similar pages

94 Northwind Software
Homepage of the developers of the Maestro property management system offers product and services info, as well as contact and employment details. Cached - Similar pages

95 NovaLIS Technologies
Basic page provides information about the company's Land Records Management Infrastructure software. With contact details. Cached - Similar pages

Dozens of original free real estate web graphics, perfect for Real Estate professionals and other Real Estate related websites. Cached - Similar pages

97 Reamined Systems Inc.
Offers AssessmentBASE, Ontario Property Assessment Software, designed for tax appealers, appraisers, property managers and direct mail marketers. Cached - Similar pages

98 SolutionInc
Developer of a range of information systems for the real estate and hospitality sectors. Features product and contact details. Cached - Similar pages

99 Spectra Computer Services
Dedicated to developing property-management software, this MS Certified Solution Provider has posted relevant product, contact and services info. Cached - Similar pages

100 Tarasoft Corporation
Creators of Tarasoft Power Prospect. Expired listings, automatic farm downloading, letter writing, automated telephone number matching and much more. Cached - Similar pages

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