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Yellow Pages Association


Any person, partnership or corporation that solicits and sells national Yellow Pages advertising pursuant to the bylaws and guidelines, and agrees to represent the Association's publisher members in such sales, is eligible to become a Certified Marketing Representative ("CMR") member of the Association. In order to become a CMR member, an applicant shall (in addition to other requirements of membership) be certified as qualified and capable, in accordance with the certification procedures adopted by the Board of Directors from time to time. The Board of Directors shall establish such other rights and obligations of CMR membership as it may deem appropriate, consistent with the charter and bylaws.



A M National Advertising  
A Second Opinion, Inc.  
AB Advertising Group, Inc.  
Academy Communications, Inc. dba Worldwide Dir Adv
Ad America, Inc. Powerful Results... In Print or On-Line
Ad Department for National Yellow Pages, Inc.  
AD Network  
Ad Ventures Making the Most of Your Advertising Dollars
Admatha Agency, The  
ADnational Directory Advertising How Businesses Get Business
Adperformance Direct, Inc We Make Directory Advertising Work For You
Ads Nationwide Your Local Source for National Yellow Pages
ADS-PLUS National Yellow Pages one source for directory & internet advertising
ADTime National Media Talent to create, Experience to trust.
Ad-Valu International  
Advanced Directory Sales Directory and Internet Advertising Specialists
Advertising Network Advantage  
Advertising Plus, Inc.  
Advertising Strategies, Inc.  
Adwest Worldwide a.k.a. Adwest Direct, Inc.  
Alpha & Omega Consulting Services Your Yellow Pages Advertising Specialists
American Ad Management, Inc.  
American Yellow Pages Service, Inc. Simplify Your Yellow Pages Advertising
AMG Media Group, Inc.  
Anuncios en Directorios, SA DE VC  
APD Worldwide Inc.  
Areas Advertising Agency  
AT&T Yellow Pages  
AT&T Yellow Pages - Michigan  
Bernstein-Rein Yellow Pages A Division of Bernstein-Rein Advertising
Berry Network America's Yellow Pages Connection
Bottom Line Management Group, Inc. There is an easier way....
Brava Media, Inc.  
Brimark Directory Advertising Group  
BVK Direct: A full service Direct Media and Internet marketer.
C & T Yellow Pages Advertising Agency Inc.  
Certified Ad Placements, Inc.  
Christenson, Barclay & Shaw, Inc. National Yellow Pages Advertising and Marketing Co
CoMarkAd, Inc.  
CommNet Marketing,Inc. Integrated yellow page solutions-online & print
Craig Business Group, Inc., The  
Cramer-Krasselt Company Serving The Advertising Community Since 1898
Crisp & Harrison Agency, Inc.  
CTE Limited  
D & D Nationwide  
D.P. Media Services, LLC  
DAC Group/Broome Marketing  
DAC Group/Canada  
DAC Group/Cleveland  
Dan/Matt & Associates, Inc.  
DAS Group Big enough to handle the job. Small enough to care
Day Directory Advertising, Inc.  
DCG YELLOW PAGES, INC. The CMR with only experienced personnel.
Dicom Marketing Services National Yellow Pages Advertising Agency
Directional Media Services Yellow Pages Solutions For Today's Business
Directory Advertising & Marketing Service that Exceeds Your Expectations
Directory Advertising Agency  
Directory Advertising Consultants, Inc.  
Directory Advertising Services  
Directory Advisors, Inc. Superior Yellow Pages Program Management
Directory Buying Services  
Directory Concepts Inc. The internet and yellow page advertising experts
Directory Link Advertising, Inc.  
Directory Management  
Directory Service Bureau, Ltd. National Yellow Pages/Direct Mail/Internet Service
Directory Solutions, Ltd.  
Directory Systems Group, Inc.  
Direct-Tech Associates, Inc. National & Regional Directory Advertising Programs
DMC Advertising  
Donald R. Harvey, Inc. Yellow Pages Advertising & Marketing Services
Donnelley, R.H Publishing & Advertising, Inc.  
DSL Advertising Inc. Knowledge ~ Experience ~ Integrity
Dynamic Yellow Page Services, Inc.  
Fogarty Klein Monroe  
Fred Arbanas, Inc.  
Fuse Advertising Agency Inc. We are your Full Service Yellow Page Company
Fusion Worldwide, Inc.  
Gaffney & Associates, Inc.  
GDMI - Global Directive Marketing Initiatives Specializes in print & interactive yellow pages.
Global Advertising Agency  
Gordet & Schmidt: Specialists in seniors marketing.
GW Ad Group, Inc.  
Harcourt Group, The  
Harris, Baio & McCullough  
Hoyle Yellow Page Advertising, Inc.  
Hudson-Gillmor Associates, Inc. 19 Years Experience in Yellow Pages Management
Hurrelbrink Advertising, Inc.  
Image Advertising, Inc.  
Information Marketing & Management, Inc.  
I-TEL Media Your Multimedia Buying Service
Jaune et Blanc  
Jayco National Marketing Services, LLC  
Jenings Directory Advertising Agency  
JFW Advertising LLC  
Keller-Crescent Co.  
Kenney-Toncar Group, Inc, The  
Ketchum Directory Advertising An Omnicom Group Agency
Key Yellow Page Consulting, Inc.  
Lee Tilford Agency, Inc.  
Leone Advertising  
Marketing Directory Services, Inc. The Time Is Here To Decide On MDS, Inc
Marketing Group Ltd., The  
Marquette Group  
Marshal Group, The Member since 1981- Creating Response For Less
Mary Pomerantz Advertising  
McClung Advertising Agency  
Media Access Group, Inc.   
Media Plus  
Mediaconnex Publicite Annuaires Inc.  
Michaels/Wilder Group The When your advertising absolutely has to work.
Millard Rosenberg National Yellow Pages, Inc. Over 50 Years of Service
MPB Communications, Inc.  
MPG Yellow Pages  
Multiple Directory Service, Inc.  
National Advertising Placement Service Corp. Cost Effective Directory Marketing Specialists
National Direct Media Service  
National Directory Advertising  
National Directory Service National, Regional, Print and Internet Yellowpages
National Media Services Inc.  
National Multi Media Marketing, Inc. Your Yellow Page Marketing Partner
National Yellow Pages Direct  
National Yellow Pages Management, Inc.  
National Yellow Pages Marketing Programs, Inc.  
National Yellow Pages Media  
National Yellow Pages Unlimited, Inc.  
Nationwide Yellow Pages Service, Inc. The Professionals in Yellow Pages Management
New Dimension Marketing & Research  
O'Halloran Advertising The formula for Yellow Pages Success
Palm & Patterson, Inc.  
Papa Advertising, Inc.  
PCM International Inc. We combine today's technological resources with years of creative experience to provide national customers with "results through innovation."
Publipage, Inc.  
Quinlan & Company  
Radcliffe Group, Inc., The  
Robbins Advertising  
Ron Radar Advertising  
Saxton-Ferris International National Yellow Pages Advertising Experts
SMG Directory Marketing  
Sound Marketing Group  
SR Bidinger Yellow Pages, Inc. Providing Simplicity and Clarity
Strategic Directory Planning  
TELE-D LLC Whatever it takes.....We'll do it for you!!!
Telephone Directory Services  
Telmark Yellow Pages International  
TelXtra, LLC Your yellow pages and internet marketing partner.
TMP Directional Marketing, LLC  
Tombras Yellow Pages, LLC  
Total Media Group  
Tri-Star Associates, Inc.  
Wahlstrom Directory Marketing Specialists  
Wesley Day Advertising  
Windstream Yellow Pages  
Worldwide Media Direct, Inc.  
WPI Directory Advertising Inc.  
Xxela Marketing Services, Inc. Committed to Superior Customer Service
Yell, Limited  
Yellow Page Ad Placement Services  
Yellow Pages Advertising Agency Corp.   
Yellow Page Associates  
Yellow Page Authority, Ltd  
Yellow Page Consultants, Inc. High-Impact, cost effective Yellow Page programs
Yellow Page Control, Ltd.  
Yellow Page Logic, LLC  
Yellow Page Pros We Do It Paperless  
Yellow Pages All Directories, Inc.  
Yellow Pages Direct: Service oriented excellence; DISCOUNTED RATES.
Yellow Pages Group Co.  
Yellow Pages Inc.  
YPM, Inc. Yellow Pages Specialists  


Yellow Pages Association: Membership Classifications

Domestic Publisher Membership International Publisher Membership Certified Marketing Representative Membership Associate Membership
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